Monday, March 7, 2011


Not a bad weekend all-in-all. Worked Saturday morning but then played with VirtualBox more in the afternoon. Then in the evening went to Paul's birthday party and (re)met Ron (Homer). Had a nice Beni-Hana style dinner and then the crowd went to Paul's place for drinks. Sunday Phil cam by before heading to the shooting range and helped me get VMWare running (pilot errors of course). At the range Ron and Eric helped me out and we shot more guns than I ever have before (not that I'm that experienced, but it was fun).

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Linux Saga Continues

After talking to Phil yesterday about video driver problems I've decided to load a version on Ubuntu 10.10 on a VM so we have the same setup. I can't figure out why I'm limited to an 800x600 display even if I load the Nvidia drivers (which Phil said was the wrong thing to do from within the VM). Hopefully I'll get a copy of VMWare from Phil tonight and then we will both have the (almost) exact same setup. I'm running VirtualBox from Oracle right now.

It's gorgeous out and I'm trying to think of something to do outside, even if it's sit at Starbucks and read. I should go and take Giz along. I did print out some books on Linux Admin and CSS today so I have some reading to catch up on now. I should swing by the library too and see if they have that Dragon book (I can't remember the exact title now but it's been recommended a number of times).

Had a very nice evening with the girls (Michelle, Melissa, Sherrie, and two others) at Gordon Biersch last night. Nice down time and just talking for a few hours.

Suddenly a nice crowd has signed up for Studio Diner on Tuesday (nine people). I'm hoping for a good time to help me get the dining group jump started for Summer.

Friday, March 4, 2011

End of The Week

It's been a long but not too shabby week. Got the Virtual machine running on my PC, got Linux Mint up and running, worked out every day and pretty much bounced back after being sick (though Friday was tough and I'm still up about 4 pounds to 208-209). Work is getting crazy with long days and weekends, but I am enjoying the design and what i do so it's not all bad. Be nice to get paid for the extra hours though...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Linux Mint

Wow. I can't believe how easy it was to get this Linux Mint (Julia release) was to get up and running. Before I've always fought network and dual monitor issues. No sweat with this. I'm running this from a Live DVD but will install it on a box hopefully this weekend. Excited! Kiss my ass Windows!

Social Network

Watching Social Network for the second time. I can't believe how easily the idea came to hm, but totally understand the fervor that starts once you have an idea and want to build and pursue it. I wish I could think of an idea that got me so interested that I lost track of time. I'm going to try building a Linux box again (Mint/Ubuntu) because I've always enjoyed playing around with that. I need a bigger room and a bigger desk though!

Back at the gym...

Finally after being sick on and off for months I'm back in the gym. I mixed it up a little today with some free weights (new for me) and will start trying to do small muscles Fridays (traps, tri's and shoulders). A quick summary of my routine.

DayCardioStrength Training
MondayStairmasterLats & Abs
TuesdayStairmasterChest & Abs
WednesdayStairmasterLats & Abs
ThursdayStairmasterChest & Abs
FridayStairmasterTraps/Tri's/Shoulders & Abs

New Beginnings

So I watched Social network last night and him blogging got me thinking that I haven't blogged in a while but I've played with it in a number of platforms (Word Press, My Space, Facebook, Friendster). So I'm back for more. Stay tuned....